Venezuela cancels Haiti debt

Helping the people of Haiti
Madam, – Unfortunately the statement “Haiti still owes . . . $296 million to Venezuela” (Editorial, January 27th) is inaccurate.

This debt was officially cancelled by the Venezuelan government on January 25th.


Video! Journey with the revolution

A journey into the heart of the Venezuelan revolution. Meet the midwives, nurses, doctors, housewives, teachers, gay and disability activists, who are transforming Venezuela. Visit health clinics, soup kitchens, land committees, education and micro-credit programmes… The excitement of the revolution is contagious. If you want to find out what a revolution is, this is the film for you.


Stop attack on Land Committee and its co-ordinator Juanita Romero

JuanitaJ&GBlvr7OctNA015web.jpgDear friends,

The Land Committee of los Altos Mirandinos, Venezuela, urgently needs our support. Its co-ordinator Juanita Romero, two single mothers and a young person have been dismissed by new Mayor Alirio Mendoza Galúe. And shamefully, the Mayor is a member of the Socialist Party which supposedly represents the Bolivarian revolution.