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Women’s key role in educating Martin Luther King, letter by Selma James

Thursday 4 December 2014 19.38 GMT

Rosa Parks pictured in 1999. The campaigner was trained by a black women's organisation formed to stop white men raping black women, and went on to help propel Martin Luther King to prominence after refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man. Photograph: William Philpott/Reuters


Selma James in The Guardian What we can learn from Tanzania’s hidden socialist history

selma.jpgWhat we can learn from Tanzania’s hidden socialist history

After independence President Julius Nyerere applied welfare state principles to his own country and never lost sight of African traditions

Selma James, Thursday 11 December 2014 10.29 GMT

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Selma James and Nina Lopez letter in The Guardian: Bob Crow spoke for working people

The Guardian, Wednesday 12 March 2014 21.00 GMT

RMT union general secretary Bob Crow talking to protesters at a demonstration about January's 3.1% rail fare rise outside King's Cross Station. Photograph: London News Pictures/Rex


International Women's Day: In defence of feminist dissent

Recent debate has focused on whether infighting distracts from fighting inequality. But haven't feminists always argued about priorities?

Robin Morgan, Charlotte Raven, Amrit Wilson, Selma James, Gail Lewis and Nawal El Saadawi
The Guardian, Friday 7 March 2014 21.00 GMT
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