SAN FRANCISCO: Mothers March To End Poverty, Criminalization, War and Occupation

Date: Tuesday, 8 March 2011 - 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Location: San Francisco, California, at 16th & Mission St (nr BART)


All welcome        
 Invest in caring not killing!

We march because:

·  Mothers produce/care for the world's people, while war & profit destroy us.

·  Most women do caring work – mothers, grandmothers, daughters, partners. Unrecognized, unpaid or low paid we care for children, older people, people with disabilities, veterans, each other....

·  In Haiti & Palestine, wherever there is an occupation, women do the survival work without which resistance would be impossible.

·  Resources go to weapons & banks, not to caregivers, healthy food, accessible affordable housing, breast-feeding support, health care, education, living wages, pay equity, care of Mother Earth.

·  Budget cuts increase hunger & threaten those of us on lowest incomes, starting with communities of color.

·  Poverty, uncaring social services & immigration laws tear children from us.

·  Sex workers & homeless people are jailed not supported. As in Oscar Grant shooting, police use our children as target practice. LGBTQ denied civil rights.


·  We’re robbed of benefits, services & wages that our unwaged & low waged labor & taxes have paid for. We face eviction & foreclosures.

·  Everywhere people are risking their lives to bring change – from Palestine to Egypt, from Haiti to Colombia, from the Philippines to Kenya & Nigeria …

 Marches in: England, Guyana, Haiti, India, Italy, Peru, US (LA, Milwaukee, Philadelphia), Venezuela

Planning Group Bay Area: Haiti Action Committee; Legal Action for Women; USPROStitutes Collective; Wages Due Lesbians; Ruckus Society; Women of Color/GWS and individuals from the Bay Area and Santa Cruz