Women say NO Trump, NO May!


Women Say


No Holding Hands with the KKK

A living wage for all, including mothers & other carers

No billion$ for the few.

MARCH from the US embassy - Saturday 5 February

Meeting point: 11am, corner Upper Grosvenor St & South Audley St
Look out for our GWS banner


Our GWS banner was dropped from Waterloo bridge (“The Ladies Bridge” because it was built by women) on 20th January 2017, Inauguration Day

·    No rape

·    No racism/Islamophobia

·    No sexism

·    No detention or deportation

·    No war or occupation

·    No global warming

·    No fracking or mining

·    No Hillsboroughs, Orgreaves,
Shirley Oaks

·    No shoot to kill

·    No deaths in custody

·    No criminalisation of poverty

·    No criminalisation of sex work

·    No criminalisation of protest

·     No hunger or homelessness

·     No austerity cuts

·     No benefit sanctions

·     No mother and child separation

·     No zero hour contracts

·     No sexist/racist wage gap

·     No disability/age discrimination

·     No NHS privatisation

·     No grammar schools

·     No education fees

·     No Trans/Queer bashing

·     No billionaire tax dodgers

·     No union bashing

·     No rendition or torture

While appeaser Theresa consents to a "special relationship" with TRUMP,  together with millions of people around the world we refuse to collaborate The Global Women’s StrikeInvest in Caring Not Killing contingent is on the march to say NO sexism, racism, poverty.  We demand a living wage for mothers and other carers. Those who care deserve more than low pay or no pay. Investing in caring prioritises all of us, not the billionaires, or the oil companies, or the military, or the rest of Trump’s Klan who think they can get away with rape and murder.  

gws@globalwomenstrike.net  0207 482 2496  globalwomenstrike.net
Crossroads Women’s Centre, 25 Wolsey Mews, London NW5 2DX