Photos from: Grassroots struggle against racism & sexism - an International Comparison

Esther Morales pic
Esther Morales Aymá, Bolivia, sister of President Evo Morales
Audience pic
Kathleen McCarthy, spokeswoman gypsies and travellers, Dale Farm
Clifton McGowan, UK who spoke on racist lynchings in Telford
Andaiye, Guyana – How feminism is used to "genderise" imperialism
Leddy Mozombite, Peru
Manju Gardia, India – Bringing women together, rural & urban, Tribal & Dalit, against bonded labour & rape, and for pay equity
Néstor López, Venezuelan embassy
Niki Adams, UK – Journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal and the struggle against the death penalty
Nina López, Argentina/UK – building an international network
Phoebe Jones, GWS, Philadelphia, speaking on "The movement that got Barack Obama elected."
Rosario Panozo, Bolivia
Selma James, Global Women's Strike
Far left: Marbell Thomas, Guyana spoke on how African, Indian & Indigenous women unite to defeat the racism of political parties. Speaking: Chair Joycelyn Bacchus, Red Thread, Guyana

The struggle against poverty, war & occupation

Grassroots Struggle Against Sexism and Racism: an International Comparison

31 January, Venezuelan Embassy, London

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