INDIA: Mothers March against Poverty & Violence, for Food security, Land Rights...

There are Mothers Marches of Dalit and Tribal women and children in Mahasamund District, Dhamdari District and Saraipali Bloc.

Men are supporting and going on the marches too. The marches will all be followed by Public meetings.

Main demands of the Mothers Marchers are:

Against Poverty and Violence against women

For Food security for mothers and children, Womens Land Rights, Health rights, Free Education for all children including girl children and money and facilities in government schemes for village disabled women.

Marches in: Guyana, Haiti, Italy, Peru, UK, US (LAMilwaukee,PhiladelphiaSan Francisco), Venezuela



Dalits and rape

Rape of dalit and tribal women in rural India is on the increase, so many cases go unreported, the victims of rape or sexual assault don't want to report their cases out of fear. In many cases the rapists are never booked by the police and the vivtim has to face further harassment. Many a times the policemen themselves indulge in sexual assault. Rape is a crime which is committed by mentally sick persons to satisfy their ego, it shows that a woman is made to suffer at the hands of the egoistic abbreated men who under a false myth consider it their right to molest a woman, harm her physically and threaten her of elimination along with her family if she reports the matter to any one. Rural women are always in danger of being raped or sexually assaulted because they are exposed in the fields while doing jobs like picking woods, something to eat or they have to go out to answer the call of nature. The psychology of a rapist is difficult to understand, most of the times he may be under the effect of alcohol or other drugs. Laws must be very strict, lest we may not become a society of rapists