Mumia Abu-Jamal & jailhouse lawyers

Help prisoner family members get to Sacramento, CA hearings

End Long Term Solitary Confinement Support the Prisoner-led Movement and their Family Members

Following the historic hunger and work strike by over 30,000 incarcerated people in California prisons, California legislators committed to hold a series of hearings to investigate and work to end the conditions of solitary confinement.


Selma James (GWS) and Sara Callaway (Women of Colour/GWS) introduce Mumia Abu-Jamal film

Films about Abu-Mumia Jamal & MOVE

British Film Institute, Southbank SE1 8XT (Waterloo)
1pm Saturday, 8 Feb, 2014


image001.jpgSelma James (Global Women’s Strike),
Sara Callaway (Women of Colour GWS) &


Candlelight vigil for families torn apart, Philadelphia

About 20 people, mainly women of color, braved the cold to join Carolyn Hill outside the Department of Human Services in lighting candles for loved ones we are separated from this holiday season due to the foster care system, prison system, immigration policies, poverty, war… Ms Hill’s nieces were taken from her care by DHS because she lacked a GED. This is her second Christmas without them, and they without her. It was announced that Kimberly Rivera has been freed from prison and reunited with her newborn and family for the holidays.


Candlelight Vigil for families torn apart - Philadelphia, Wednesday Dec 18

Wednesday, Dec 18  4:30-5:30pm at the Department of Human Services (DHS) 1515 Arch St, Philadelphia   (program at 5pm)

Join Carolyn Hill in lighting a candle for a loved one not home for the holidays because in foster care, group home, prison, solitary confinement, psych ward, juvenile or immigrant detention, nursing home, a juvenile lifer, poverty draft ....


Videos: When the Punishment is a Crime – A Forum on Solitary Confinement

A multi-racial group of about 60 people gathered at the Germantown Friends School for a forum on solitary confinement on September 21. The crowd included Formerly Incarcerated Persons (FIPs), family members with loved ones inside, the religious community, students, and women’s, prisoner rights, civil rights, disability rights, peace and justice groups (see list of groups represented at the end). The speakers were excellent and much of the audience participated in the lively discussion.

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